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Cold, Wet, Hard 2 – Suzanna D


Cold, Wet, Hard 2 – Suzanna D. Suzanna D is getting ready for some candlelit solo intercourse. She rests on a rocking chair, dressed in an open-crotch lace-and-fishnet bodystocking, and chills an ornate glass dildo with ice. Meanwhile, she smoothes a big ice chip across her lovely breasts and down to her shaved pussy. She plays it over her puffy folds with her red-manicured fingertips, then slips it inside.
She then slides another ice chip into her pussy and stuffs it deep with the dildo. Suzana moans as she gives herself over to enjoyment, her toes pointed and poking out through the fishnet.
She then stands up, revealing a large wet patch on the chair. She turns around and kneels between the seat and the table, flaunting her stunning ass. Cold, Wet, Hard 2 – Suzanna D gyrates her body, rubbing more ice over her crevice and asshole before pushing it into her snatch. The camera moves in for a close-up view this time as she inserts it and then penetrates herself with the glass toy. The ice melts and drips out her dripping orifice, but she continues to screw herself from behind with the dildo.
She rocks back and forth in her chair, knees bent and thighs splayed, and slips one last ice chip inside, the glass dildo rattling against it as she pounds and grinds herself hard. Her fingertips strum her clit as she cums, and her flexible body contorts. She works the toy against her clit to prolong the pleasure, and the melting ice chips pop back out of her pussy just as the image fades…

she smoothes a big ice she smoothes a big ice chip across her lovely breasts Cold, Wet, Hard 2 - Suzanna D
Date: abril 20, 2021
Pornstars: Suzanna D / TLE

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