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Amirah’s Sex Tutorial with Sarah Cute


Amirah’s Sex Tutorial – Anal Sex – Amirah Adara & Sarah Cute. Sandra Shine’s latest episode of «Amirah’s Sex Tutorial,» helmed by the stunning brunette Amirah Adara, begins with a warm welcome. This time, she discusses anal sex and uses her gorgeous partner Sarah Cute to show how to make it enjoyable. They start off with lots of foreplay and passionate kissing. For later sucks Sarah’s lovely breasts before relaxing as Sarah concentrates on her diamond-hard nipples. Sarah begins to lick her pussy while she is twitching with arousal, expertly caressing and sucking her clit.
Before Amirah Adara then takes off her sweaty underwear. Sarah licks Amirah’s asshole as she flips onto her side, causing her to swoon in pleasure.
After that brunette Amirah Adara welcomes you to the new episode of «Amirah’s Sex Tutorial, Anal Sex» directed by Sandra Shine. This time the topic is anal sex, and she demonstrates how to make it pleasurable with the help of her stunning girlfriend, Sarah Cute. They start with plenty of foreplay, kissing passionately. Amirah sucks Sarah’s beautiful breasts, then lies back as Sarah devotes attention to her diamond-hard nipples. When she’s squirming with arousal, Sarah peels off her damp panties and starts to lick her pussy, rubbing and sucking her clit skilfully.
Amirah turns onto her side and Sarah spreads her curvy cheeks and licks her asshole, making her moan with bliss. As Amirah’s tight ring relaxes, Sarah eases a finger inside, fucking her in both holes at once to drive her wild. Finally Amirah goes face down ass up, and Sarah slides a glass buttplug into her ass, stretching her open with it. With the plug inserted all the way, she eats Amirah’s pussy to an intense climax. Now Sarah dons a big strap-on, and Amirah impales her ass, riding the mock cock to a mindblowing anal orgasm. She licks Sarah to a rapid climax by way of thanks.

Amirah's Sex Tutorial with Sarah Cute she discusses anal sex and uses her gorgeous partner Sarah Cute to show how to make it enjoyable To make cach day count Lesbian anal sex
Date: abril 15, 2021

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